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We inspire students as well as promote and sustain the girl child interest in STEM-related field from Secondary school, Tertiary education up to job search and job creation.


This is the home for innovation, entrepreneurship skills and good leadership skills through working with teachers to ensure that they are adequately equipped with skills they need to fully realize their potential.


“Get long lasting networks which will aid in personal and career development throughout secondary and tertiary education.”

The Launch

Elevate Trust
Elevate Trust
Elevate Trust
Elevate Trust Launch
Elevate Trust

Who we are?

ELEVATE TRUST is a youth leadership and capacity building foundation that facilitates youth development in innovation, entrepreneurship and career development. Its programs focus on STEM education, careers, research, innovations and entrepreneurship. It is based on three pillars which are:

  • Inspire
  • Innovate
  • Enterprise

Our Team


It was inspirational and it opened my eyes to see what my future and Zimbabwe’s future can be like. And the fooood wow it was delicious. Thank you @ElevateTrust #SciencePays

Porkie Taps Samuvumba
Porkie Taps Samavumba

The launch was a sign of positive future and this is the program which can make all scientists in the making go beyond their dreams.

Bryan Zhawi
Bryan Zhawi

The conference inspired and motivated me to embrace science n use it to create new opportunities. Gave me a different perspective of science through entrepreneurship. Excellent launch!!!

Ellen Pebbles Nhira
Ellen Pebbles Nhira

The launch was a dawn of a new era in the science field, the speakers were amazing. great work team Elevate Trust .

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