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The STEMfem Network is a platform for capacity building, networking and nurturing of females in the field of STEM. Its main goal is to improve the interaction of higher education female students in STEM with the women in industry to better prepare female students to enter the male dominated industry. The bias towards females is aimed at achieving gender parity in STEM fields.

Innovators Hub Club IHC is a high school club which assists in increasing high school students’ interest in STEM subjects through awareness about career options and reinforcement of classroom learning. The main aim of the club is to provide a platform for nurturing the innovation of STEM in secondary education. Some of the activities include lab visits by students, job shadowing, mentorship programmes, seminars and career days.


SciTechInc lab is a platform for nurturing scientists who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. The lab assists in the development of problem solving skills among young innovators from community level up to national and international level. SciTechInc is designed to help scientists commercialize their innovative research ideas. The project focuses on making science a business rather than a career- science pays”.