About Us

ELEVATE TRUST is a youth leadership and capacity building foundation that facilitates youth development in innovation, entrepreneurship and career development. It is based on three pillars which are: Inspire, Innovate and Enterprise. Its programs focus on STEM education and careers, research, innovations and entrepreneurship.


" All we need to change the face of Africa are graduates from STEM related fields who are innovative and enterprising, passionate about solving problems in their communities through Scientific Research and Development. Young leaders who are upright and driven to make change."




  • To provide educational support to secondary and tertiary STEM students.
  • To create a platform where innovative ideas are transformed into tangible businesses.
  • To develop innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship skills amongst the youth.
  • To provide lab space that promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and research to the youth.
  • To provide a networking platform among women scientists and female STEM students.


Elevate Trust has three main projects:

Innovators’ Hub Club (IHC)

SciTechInc Lab

STEMfem Network